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鹰狮c系列 is a true swing-role fighter, designed with smart technical solutions. 它的构建是为了适应可用的新技术,并应对出现的不断变化的威胁. Gripen is ready to dominate the battlespace for decades to come.
Gripen on roadbase Vidsel


Superior situational awareness and decision support.
Designed to host a wide range of weapons from different suppliers.
Low flight hour costs.

鹰狮C (single seater)Gripen D (two seater)Gripen Aggressor
Maximum take-off weight14000 kg14000 kg14000 kg
最大推力80,5 kN80,5 kN80,5 kN
Combat turnaround10分钟10分钟10分钟
空气-to-air refueling是的是的是的
Mauser BK 27 mm gun是的--

Always combat ready

Using the latest available technology, 鹰狮c系列 is capable of performing an extensive range of air-to-air, air-to-surface and reconnaissance missions employing the latest weapons. 鹰狮c系列 is designed to meet the demands of existing and future threats, while simultaneously meeting strict requirements for flight safety, 可靠性, training efficiency and low operating costs.

任何任务. 在任何地方.

鹰狮c系列是当今世界上最可靠的摇摆角色战斗机. 三大洲五个国家超过1.5亿人依靠鹰狮c系列来保护他们的领空主权,确保他们的独立. 成功地参加了北约领导的演习,以及在世界各地的许多空中巡逻任务, 鹰狮c系列 is ready for any mission. 在任何地方.


As well as protecting the interests of the user’s nation, 鹰狮c系列 is ready to participate in joint missions around the world. Originally designed to operate in the harsh arctic conditions of northern 瑞典, 鹰狮c系列已被证明可以在各种极端气候条件下工作——从东南亚等热带地区到非洲沙漠.


鹰狮c系列 doesn’t need complex base facilities or specialized support equipment. It takes an unbeatable 10分钟 for one technician and five conscript mechanics to refuel, re-arm and turnaround the aircraft for an air-to-air mission. It can operate from a runway no wider than an ordinary road. The aircraft’s high sortie rate allows air forces to be quickly deployed, to maintain a high sortie rate and always be available and responsive to changing threats.

Capability and low life cycle cost make 鹰狮c系列 unique on the market today. 鹰狮c系列 operators can expect fewer failures, less maintenance down time, and the lowest cost of support compared to any other aircraft in its class. 对于鹰狮c系列,成本在一开始就很清楚,并且在整个生命周期中都是可以预测的. 鹰狮c系列 is versatile, reliable and cost-effective: protecting citizens, the defence budget and the wider finances of the entire nation.

With the longest Mean Time Between Failure, and shortest Mean Time To Repair of any fighter in operational service, 鹰狮c系列 will provide excellent availability, in particular for periods of sustained high tempo operations. Making you ready for any mission. 任何时候.

第一次知道. 第一次罢工.

鹰狮c系列 is the master of situational awareness. The system’s ability to acquire, 过程, 共享和显示战术信息-例如敌方和友军单位的位置数据, missile engagement zones – enables the pilot to operate, interfere and interact effectively to taking control of the battle space.

Information superiority

鹰狮c系列 is equipped with sophisticated datalink technology, a long range multi-mode pulse doppler radar and an internal electronic warfare suite. 所有系统集成在一个系统中,通过传感器融合传递信息,通过智能直观的驾驶员界面. 为飞行员提供卓越的态势感知和决策支持,以确保鹰狮飞行员第一个知道和第一个打击.

The balanced design of 鹰狮c系列 results in a small visual, radar and IR signature denies the enemy early detection. 先进的气动布局,利用组合紧密耦合鸭三角配置和三缸, 数字化线传飞控系统和舰载电子战系统将带来胜利的作战能力. That’s why with 鹰狮c系列 you are first to know first to strike.

优越的今天. Superior tomorrow.


Weapon superiority

鹰狮c系列集成了大量来自美国和欧洲的武器和吊舱,用于许多类型的任务, 从长、短程和灵活的空对空导弹到重空对地导弹和制导炸弹,以最小的附带损害进行精确交战. 该飞机具有固有的精确打击和隔离能力,而且新型武器易于集成,成本低廉, making sure 鹰狮c系列 always has a powerful weapon 灵活性.

空气craft superiority

鹰狮c系列 is designed with the future firmly in mind. A true blend of operational lethality, 灵活性, 可维护性和生存性被巧妙地包装在先进的碳纤维复合材料的最先进的机身中. 在一开始, 它与您现有的武器系统兼容:它可以集成未来的技术,因为它是发展的. It is designed for continuous upgrading to reflect new combat challenges.

我们与世界各地的客户密切合作,不断开发和改进飞机, instead of conducting major and costly mid-life upgrades. 使用一个短的升级周期来提供逐步的改进,确保战斗机总是最新的,可以迅速适应变化的世界. Improvement costs are spread out over a long period, but you control the path, pace and progress of the upgrade programme. 这确保了在鹰狮c系列的整个生命周期内,最大限度地提高空气效率:在整个生命周期内,运行成本都是可预测和可管理的. 所有 this combined are keeping 鹰狮c系列 superior today. And superior tomorrow.

The Hungarian 空气 Force has been using Gripen since 2006. They operate a total of 14 Gripen fighters
Baltic 空气 Policing 2019 - Czech 空气 Force
Ground personell from the Czech 空气 Force at Ämari airbase in Estonia, during one of their many NATO 空气 Policing Missions.

Gripen operators

瑞典从90年代后期开始就一直是运营商,也拥有最大的鹰狮C/D机队. 鹰狮C/D战斗机目前在两个北约成员国捷克共和国和匈牙利服役, as well as 南非 and 泰国. 此外,ETPS(帝国试飞员学校)提供鹰狮给他们的学生测试先进的飞行控制系统, handling qualities and performance.

Swedish 空气 Force Gripens from Skaraborg wing F 7, south west 瑞典.
Armed to the teeth. Swedish 空气 Force Gripen fighters, somewhere over 瑞典.

Gripen Aggressor: Tailor-made for the adversary combat training market

Gripen Aggressor

鹰狮攻击者基于经过验证的鹰狮c系列,并带来独特的高性能组合, mission 灵活性 and availability combined with a low life cycle cost.

Train like you fight

In order to train like you fight, 你需要使用先进的战斗战术来对付同级和接近同级的对手,比如鹰狮侵略者. 本质上,世界级的飞行员需要训练对抗世界级的对手,那就是鹰狮侵略者.

Realistic combat training

Gripen Aggressor provides an exceptional, 不同的敌机系统,飞行员将提高和完善他们的战斗技能,以对抗先进的敌人威胁并取得胜利.

Czech Gripen_100years_Evert_Keijzer_Ironbird_Photography_4.jpg


The engine can be replaced in the field in less than one hour, including testing, using only one technician and five conscript mechanics.

  • 鹰狮c系列 can operate from runways measuring just 800 x 16 meters, built as part of ordinary highways.
  • Together with a low demand for maintenance per flight hour, 鹰狮c系列 has a significantly higher availability compared with its competitors
  • Almost any weapon can be integrated, giving 鹰狮c系列 very high weapon 灵活性.

证明 from a Gripen operator

What does a Gripen operator say about the world's most advanced fighter?
Czech Gripen_100years_Evert_Keijzer_Ironbird_Photography_4.jpg
The Czech 空气 Force operates 14 鹰狮c系列.
Baltic 空气 Policing 2019 - Czech 空气 Force
Quick turnaround, ready for next mission.

Protectors of the 捷克共和国 airspace

When Gripen entered service with the Czech 空气 Force in 2005, 它取代了旧的俄罗斯技术,捷克空军成为欧洲最现代化的空军之一.

Read more about Gripen in 捷克共和国


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