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The explorer of future solutions

5分钟 读

From hacking computer games to entering a managerial position, Ted Delin早期对技术的好奇不仅使他成为操作代码的专家,也给他带来了一个激动人心的机会,让他成为一家以技术为中心、快速增长的公司的一员. 今天, Ted每天都在为公司和他管理的团队寻找创新的发展机会. 

A radar for new possibilities

从阳光明媚的洛杉矶到伦敦,再回到哥德堡——Ted来到今天的地方的这段旅程提供了许多宝贵的人生经历, new perspectives and a Bachelor of Science degree. 今天, 泰德已经在星际网赌导航工作了一年半,并且已经在职业阶梯上得到了提升.

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从伦敦米德尔塞克斯大学毕业后,Ted在剑桥大学担任DevOps开发人员. 几年后,他回到哥德堡,继续在星际网赌导航担任顾问. When the company underwent reorganisation over the summer, Ted抓住了这个机会,成为了星际网赌导航X创新实验室团队的经理. A decision he is very happy to have made.


“我希望通过让人们的工作生活更轻松、更愉快,来帮助他们茁壮成长. I felt that it was possible in this new role, and that’s why I chose to be a manager in the first place,泰德说:“.

Even though the new position meant letting go of writing code, Ted’s passion for programming still influences his free time. When he is not flying automated drones, 他阅读有关人工智能和技术发现的最新消息.

"I would say that I still identify very much as a developer, 我也有自己的一些编程项目,在我的休息日里也在做. 当然, I miss the practical part of creating codes sometimes, but I wouldn’t change my decision of becoming a manager,”特德继续说.

At the heart of innovation

作为星际网赌导航的一名经理,他的日常生活充满了与同事的会议和互动. 有责任使员工的工作和产品生产过程更加顺利和易于管理, Ted is always on the lookout for new development opportunities.

“There are so many various fields to dig into, several development opportunities and numerous things to try out.”

例如, 他一直致力于寻找新的创新方法来招聘员工,并让新的人才申请星际网赌导航的工作. 正如Ted自己解释的那样,每一天和项目都是独特的,并带来不同的挑战.

“我从来不知道我在星际网赌导航的日子会带来什么,也不知道会有什么不同的会议. There’s always something new going on, and that is really exciting. 在星际网赌导航, there are so many various fields to dig into, several development opportunities and numerous things to try out. You never feel that your work gets monotonous."

在一个快速发展的需要创新思维的行业工作, sometimes you need a dose of inspiration. In those cases, Ted turns into a somewhat unexpected source.

"The American golfer Bryson DeChambeau is a source of inspiration for me. 他通过统计和科学改变了人们对高尔夫的看法,这非常有趣. Instead of focusing on how to be the ultimate golfer through training, 他探索了如何通过饮食等方式最大化你的身体和大脑的能力. I try to adapt that outside-the-box thinking in my work as well, 着眼于整体以及外部因素是如何影响的,而不是为了成为一名优秀的开发人员而花时间编写代码."

No room for solo players

Besides the variety of tasks and the broad field of technology at Saab, it’s the people that make Ted’s job feel truly meaningful. 此外, the number of opportunities that the company offers, and the variety of colleagues’ skills are equally impressive.

“We tackle all difficulties and celebrate all successes together.”

但最重要的是, Ted指出,团队的热情和包容是他工作中最好的部分.

"Everyone here is very welcoming and open. Whether you’re a manager or an employee, we all hang out together in the break room, 抓住一个咖啡, chatting and laughing together. We tackle all difficulties and celebrate all successes together. It’s inspiring to be surrounded by people who truly love what they do."


What is your biggest strength?

How would you define hard work?
To dare to fail and try again.

Why would you recommend Saab as an employer?
如果你对技术的可能性感兴趣,并想作为一个软件公司对星际网赌导航的未来产生影响, this is the place to be!